California Critters: The Most Common Pest Problems

Despite its ideal climate, laid-back way of life, and countless attractions, California is not immune to pest infestations. With dozens of different species of rodents and insects, identifying and treating different pests can be difficult and even dangerous. From mice and rats to spiders and bees, here are the most common types of pests and the best treatment methods to get rid of California Pests.

Common California Pests

House Mouse

As the most common species of mice in the world, house mice often nest in attics or walls, especially in cooler winter months. If undetected and untreated, house mice can quickly multiply and heighten the risk of transmitting diseases.

Norway Rat

Also prevalent during the winter months are Norway rats or brown rats. Like house mice, these rats frequently nest in the attics and walls of homes and are known to carry a number of pathogens.

Honey Bees

Known for their ability to produce and store honey in complex wax nests, honey bees commonly establish their hives on or near human dwellings. While they don’t typically cause problems, you and your family can pose a threat even without knowing it, which can be especially dangerous if anyone in your family has a bee allergy.

House Spiders

California’s warm spring weather often encourages house spiders to establish themselves in houses. Though they are not venomous, their creepy-crawly nature can be an unwelcoming presence.

Cat Flea

As the most abundant species of flea on earth, the cat flea thrives in the warm California heat. Commonly found in grassy, brushy areas, cat fleas quickly and easily latch onto the fur of animals and lay eggs almost immediately, which can lead to rapid infestation.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow jackets, or wasps, build large aerial nests and hunt in social swarms. Unlike honey bees, yellow jackets don’t die after delivering a painful sting.


Not only are cockroaches one of the most common household pests in the world, but their incredible resiliency makes them difficult to get rid of. Cockroaches typically feed on human food and can passively transport harmful microbes and pathogens.

Treating California Pests

Though there are over-the-counter products that can be used to treat pest infestations, they can often be ineffective and dangerous. In order to safely and completely exterminate your pest problem, contact the professional pest control specialists at Preventative Pest Control. As the premiere pest company in Southern California, Preventative has the skill and experience needed to rid your home of rodents and insects. Call us today!