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Pest Control Subscription Plans in Southern California

The sole purpose of pest control isn’t to only get bugs off your property but to also prevent them from coming back and causing more damage. It’s common to get a one-time treatment and think your pest problems are behind you. You’ll most likely find that’s not the reality when you see the insects coming back, sometimes even worse than before. Homeowners and businesses may put off pest control because they don’t see a complete insect or rodent takeover yet. However, that’s the opportune time to begin investing in a pest control maintenance plan

Southern California’s Preventive Pest Control subscription services make certain our technicians will visit you throughout the year and ensure your property stays pest-free. Why is this important? Professional-grade pesticides only last for so long, so living without protection for an extended amount of time means inviting pests inside your workplace or home again putting you at risk of a pest infestation. An ongoing membership maintains a protective barrier of pesticides against those pesky bugs, so you can rest easy knowing you’re fully covered. We recommend a year-round pest control service plan since it saves time, money, and mental energy in the long run. Preventive Pest Control provides three pest control maintenance plans for a variety of properties in Southern California, starting as low as $38/per month. Browse through our subscriptions below and choose the best option for you! If you’re not sure what option will suit you best, give us a call and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Pest Control Service

If you’re tired of feeling anxious about the threat of pests or if you’re dealing with a major infestation, a monthly pest control membership is a great fit. We know every situation is different, so we treat every location individually. When you subscribe to our monthly bug spray service, our team will begin by identifying the type of pest and locating their source, exterminating them, and will then employ safe strategies to keep them from returning. Southern California’s warm climate creates a pristine breeding ground for pests to quickly repopulate. However, with this monthly plan no spider, ant, mosquito, or rodent will stand a chance. With Preventive Pest Control’s monthly subscription, secure your property as a clean and safe space.

Pest Control Membership

Our Bi-Monthly service plan is what we call the “sweet spot”. It’s a great match if you’re wanting to keep your place pest-free, but don’t feel it’s necessary to see us monthly. Most pests reproduce quicker than you’d expect and in massive quantities. Therefore, the bi-monthly subscription can stop the critters from reproducing in the first place and guard your home or business against future pest takeovers. With twenty years of pest control under our belts, we’ve developed a system to proactively guard commercial properties, homes, and other buildings from pest infestations. If you’re interested in safeguarding your space year-round, Preventive Pest Control’s bi-monthly membership is a great and affordable option for you!

Pest Control Plan

Want to have a pest-free zone, but only see us a few times a year? The quarterly plan is a great service for your Southern California property. Pest experts say that regular inspections are needed at least every quarter for home or business owners. Consistent checkups involve an experienced technician coming to your area to evaluate your pest problem and formulate a plan based on your needs. We’ll do more than simply spray pesticides around the perimeters of your home. Our team is trained to locate pests, identify the best method of long-term extermination, and use Preventive Pest Control’s resources to completely eradicate annoying pests. Investing in our quarterly subscription promises a lasting space devoid of rats, termites, wasps, spiders, and more.

Not Sure Which Pest Control Plan is Right For You?

Deciding how often you need pest control is like shopping for a car; it’s different for every individual based on their needs and preferences. We offer pest control subscription services because we want Southern California residents to know your property is in safe hands throughout the year. Preventive Pest Control has been exterminating and preventing pests in Orange County and the Inland Empire with our membership plans for over two decades. When you contact us, we’ll help you decide what the best pest control subscription plan is for your home or business. Fill out the form below or give us a call to learn more about Preventive Pest Control’s service plans!

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