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There are dozens, even hundreds of varieties of spiders that are native to Southern California, and that means your spider infestation may be completely different than a friend or neighbor just a few blocks away. In some cases, you may be dealing with a variety of spiders, while in other cases we’ve seen a large presence of one particular species on one property. Most spiders are actually beneficial, fulfilling their role as predators of other invasive insects. Generally, a spider doesn’t try to bite a person unless it has been squeezed, laid on, or similarly provoked to defend itself. The most common spider bites in Southern California are attributed to the Black Widow & Brown Widow spiders. The venom from their bites can cause reactions ranging from mild to severe.

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Spider Control in California

An Inconvenience

No one needs to live in fear of spiders on their property. Preventive Pest Control’s technicians are licensed and trained to know where to find common spider hideouts. Our products are effective to eliminate the offending spiders and prevent future re-infestation. In addition, as part of our service, we remove unsightly cobwebs left by spiders on your property.

Signs of a Potential Spider Infestation

Aside from the apparent overabundance of spiders scattered throughout your home, there are a few things you can watch for to help you know whether your problem is just with a few spiders or if you’ve got an infestation on your hands. You should contact a pest control specialist at Preventive Pest Control if you notice any of the following:

  • 1

    An excessive number of cobwebs in and around your home

  • 2

    Burrows in your yard, on the outside of your home, or in crawl spaces and other tight spaces within your house

  • 3

    Multiple painful spider bites either on you or members of your family

What to Expect

Our expertly trained and certified professionals will come to your house, assess your spider situation, and determine whether an infestation is present, and ultimately where these eight-legged pests are coming from.

Typically, treatment of spider problems consists of ridding your home of not only the spiders but the bugs present in and around your home that these spiders eat that are ultimately drawing them to your property. In addition to the treatment of the existing spiders, you can expect the removal of any cobwebs present, in addition, to help seal up the points of entry in the exterior of your home that are allowing these pests inside.

Most Common Spiders in Southern California

While a variety of spiders are present in the Golden State, here are the five you’re most likely to encounter in Southern California:

  • 1.Black Widows
  • 2.Brown Widows
  • 3.Orb Weaver Spiders
  • 4.Cellar Spiders
  • 5.House Spiders

Black Widows: Usually found in dark, dry, sheltered, and relatively undisturbed areas. They hang upside down displaying their red hourglass abdomens. Their egg sacs are mostly spherical, creamy yellow to light tan in color, with a tough, paperlike surface.

Brown Widows: Only recently found in Southern California, this cousin to the Black Widow is quickly pushing them out of their usual domain. Brown widows are almost exclusively found near structures. They feed on crawling and flying insects.

Orb Weaver Spiders: Also referred to as garden spiders; these spiders spin elaborate silken webs in concentric circles usually just before dusk. These webs are often found in trees, tall bushes, patio covers, or connected from the house to the trash cans. They focus on catching flying insects and can be difficult to control since they rarely come down from their hiding places.

Cellar Spiders: Often referred to as “Daddy-Long-Legs” due to their very long, thin legs. They hang upside down in their webs waiting for their prey. Usually found in dark places, especially garages here in Southern California.

House Spiders: There are various kinds of small hunting spiders that wander inside homes and businesses seeking their prey. The more insects living inside a building, the more likely they are to come inside in search of them.

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