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With over 20 years in business, we’ve seen it all. Trust our veteran Mission Viejo pest control technicians to protect your family and property from harmful pests.

Experienced Pest Exterminators in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo is home to beautiful parks, stunning golf courses, and tasty restaurants. It’s also home to termites, ants, spiders, cockroaches, and various other annoying pests. Our team at Preventive Pest Control has been protecting homes and businesses from these unwanted pests in Mission Viejo and nearby communities for over 20 years.

Our team of professionally trained pest control experts is ready and waiting to keep your house pest free. You can rest easy knowing that our wide range of affordable pest control services can help you remove an infestation or prevent one from happening. Moreover, all of this is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You won’t regret giving us a call.

Preventive Pest Control’s Mission Viejo team operates out of our office on Alicia Pkwy just up the street from the Plaza Alicia shopping center. From here, we’ll transport our specialized solutions and equipment to your residence or commercial property to control or remove any pests that have invited themselves into your space. Call us at the number below, or fill out a form to get scheduled right away.

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Preventive Pest Control Services in Mission Viejo, CA

Our expert Mission Viejo exterminators have the skills and knowledge necessary to control, remove, and prevent infestations from all kinds of pests, including termites, ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, mosquitos, and more. Trust Preventive Pest Control’s Mission Viejo exterminators to get the job done quickly, effectively, and affordably.

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Termite Treatment & Inspection

Preventive Pest Control offers top-notch termite treatment and inspection services in Mission Viejo, CA. We conduct thorough inspections to detect potential termite infestations and deliver effective and long-lasting treatment solutions. You can trust us to protect your Mission Viejo property from unnecessary termite damage.

Ant Control

Preventive Pest Control offers comprehensive ant control services in Mission Viejo, CA, to help residents and business owners get rid of ant infestations. Our team of professional exterminators uses safe and effective techniques to prevent future ant invasions. We offer customized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring long-term ant control.

Spider Control

We proudly deliver effective spider control services to our Mission Viejo neighbors, to eliminate unnecessary spider infestations. Our team of skilled pest control technicians uses safe and reliable techniques to remove spiders and their vacated webs. We also offer personalized treatment plans that cater to the specific requirements of each of our customers. Our goal is long-lasting spider control.

Wasp Control

Wasp Removal

Preventive Pest Control provides efficient wasp removal services to customers in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities. Our team is equipped to handle wasp infestations safely, removing the nests without harming the insects. We also take preventive measures to avoid future infestations, ensuring our neighbors remain free from wasp problems.

Rodent Control

Our Mission Viejo rodent control team offers reliable rodent control services to residents and business owners in Mission Viejo and surrounding areas to eliminate rats, mice, gophers, and other rodents. We quickly and effectively eliminate rodent infestations without exterminating your retirement plans. We use safe and effective methods to remove rodents and prevent them from returning.

Mosquito Control

Preventive Pest Control provides the effective mosquito control Mission Viejo residents and commercial property owners deserve. We use safe and eco-friendly techniques to eliminate mosquitoes and close their breeding grounds for good. We will take measures to prevent future infestations and ensure that you remain free from all mosquito-related headaches.

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