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With over 20 years in business, our board-certified pest control technicians are trained and qualified to protect your home from unwanted pests.

Pest Control in Anaheim, CA

Most people know Anaheim for its great restaurants, world-class sports teams, agreeable weather, and perhaps most of all—a mouse that lives in a castle. However, while Anaheim residents love Mickey too, we find nothing amusing about sharing space with a mouse.

Anaheim’s temperate weather makes it a destination not only for tourists, but also for pests. The average high temperature in Anaheim is a beautiful 78ºF, which makes the city very habitable for all kinds of critters—including rodents, termites, wasps, bed bugs, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, and more. When the sun is out, these pests tend to seek out cool places—like inside your home or office—to beat the heat. Furthermore, the temperatures of Anaheim’s colder months don’t drop low enough to kill off insects or force them into a dormant state. Instead, they usually decide to stay inside and cozy up next to you.

Preventive Pest Control is conveniently located off the 91 in Northeast Anaheim, near the intersection of La Palma and Kraemer Blvd; a perfect staging area for us to dispatch our Anaheim exterminators to your home or business and rid you of nasty pests. Give us a call or visit us today!

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Preventive Pest Control Services in Anaheim, CA

By the time you spot one pest, it may be too late to prevent an infestation from spreading throughout your home. With the help of a pest control specialist, however, you can prevent pests from ever entering your home in the first place. Here’s a list of some of the pests we can take care of for you. Give us a call today to let us know about your pest problems.

small termite

Termite Inspection & Control

Termites can cause serious damage to buildings and homes if left unchecked. That’s why it’s important to seek professional help for termite control in Anaheim, CA. With years of experience and knowledge, our professional exterminators can identify and treat termite infestations effectively. A thorough termite inspection and treatment plan can bring peace of mind to property owners, knowing that their building is protected from the devastating effects of termite damage.

Wasp Control

Wasp Removal

Wasps are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous. Whether you have a home or business, having these pests around can cause structural damage to your property or pose a threat to those who are allergic. But fear not! Preventive Pest Control’s Anaheim, CA team offers a professional removal service for wasps.  Next time you hear that buzzing sound, don't panic, just give Preventive Pest Control a call and let them take care of the rest.

Spider Control

Are you sharing your living space with unwanted eight-legged roommates? Look no further than Preventive Pest Control in Anaheim for expert spider control services. Our team of trained professionals knows how to not only eliminate current spider infestations, but also to prevent future ones from occurring. Don't let spiders continue to dominate your living space. Let Preventive Pest Control help keep them in check.

Rodent Control

Are pesky rodents causing trouble at home or in the workplace? Trust Preventive Pest Control in Anaheim, CA for all your rodent control needs. Not only do we provide effective solutions to rid your space of these bothersome critters, but also take preventative measures to make sure they don't make a return appearance. From inspections to removal and even sealing up entry points, Preventive Pest Control has you covered. Say goodbye to the squeaky little invaders and hello to a rodent-free environment.

Ant Extermination

Ants may seem like harmless little insects, but they can quickly become a nuisance in your home or business. If you find yourself constantly battling these tiny intruders, it may be time to call in the professionals. Preventive Pest Control in Anaheim, CA offers top-notch ant control services to help rid your property of these unwelcome guests. Our trained pest control technicians use the latest and most effective methods to eliminate ants and prevent future infestations.

Mosquito Control

Have you ever tried to enjoy one of Anaheim’s beautiful summer evenings outside, only to be bombarded by a swarm of pesky mosquitoes? Nothing can ruin a good barbeque or outdoor gathering quite like the buzzing of these bloodsuckers. Thankfully, Preventive Pest Control is here to save the day with our mosquito control services in Anaheim, CA. We target mosquitoes where they live, breed, and feed, to reduce their population and keep them from ruining your summer. Plan your backyard party and leave the mosquito control to the experts at Preventive Pest Control.

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