California Rainfall Leads to Dangerous California Bugs

You hear the word “California,” and what do you imagine? What do you picture in your head? A land of sunshine and warm sandy beaches, maybe? Yeah, well, not this time, not this year. This season, California has been transitioning from the land of sunny days to the land of rainy ones.

California Rainfall: Shattering Records

Over the past few weeks, the entire state of California has seen more rain in the course of seven days than it typically does over the course of a couple of months. Why is this? Rainfall totals in California have skyrocketed thanks to a weather phenomenon known as atmospheric rivers.

Atmospheric rivers originate over oceans and transport moisture water vapor they suck up from said ocean to land. And California has been the dumping ground of not one, not two, but three atmospheric rivers. These rivers are responsible for the record-breaking amounts of rainfall across the state.

When the rainfall first began, San Francisco’s National Weather Service office predicted a 100-120% increase on the state’s normal monthly rainfall. And they weren’t wrong. Venado, California, alone received five inches of rain in one day. Its previous record? 1.08 inches.

Atmospheric Rivers and Bugs

Bugs enjoy moisture. It’s a fact. And California residents can expect to see an increase in their bug populations right along with the increased rainfall. Take the whitefly infestation currently underway across California as an example.

What’s the big deal about bugs? They’re an important part of the ecosystem. We don’t disagree. But there’s a difference between bugs fulfilling their ecological purpose in nature and bringing their diseases into your home, destroying your gardens, and attacking your family. Bugs can be a nuisance, but they can also be legitimately dangerous. Think back to your associations with California once more. Does your mind go to things like Lyme disease and Malaria? If not, let’s keep it that way.

There’s a way to enjoy the rain and abstain from suddenly living in a bug’s world: pest control. Preventive Pest Control exists to protect you and your family from the pests. We’re ready and willing to help California residents survive the incoming horde. Contact us today!