These 5 Plants Keep Bugs Away From Your Property

When the weather is at its best, you want to spend more time outside. One issue, though, can be all the bugs that are enjoying the warm weather, too. To prevent pests from getting out of control, you can have your property treated by a professional who knows how to deal with the bugs in your area. Meanwhile, there are also some things you can do yourself. One great way to help keep the bugs at bay is to use plants that prevent pests. These natural plant pest control ideas will help you keep your yard pest-free.


When using plants to keep bugs away, start with marigolds, especially if you have a vegetable garden. They are renowned for keeping bugs away from your home-grown produce. Plant a few in each box or garden bed to protect your tomatoes and other veggies.


A great way to dress up your yard is to line it with lavender. It looks great and smells great. That aroma is also good for keeping mosquitoes and other flying pests out of your yard.


Snails are a pain for any gardener, especially in areas that tend to stay shaded and wet. Fennel helps to keep snails away, and it is a nice thing to grow for your kitchen.


Making your yard look beautiful can also be sensible when you plant chrysanthemums. They are one of the best plants to keep bugs away and are known for repelling a wide range of pests, including some of Southern California’s worst offenders like roaches, fleas, and mosquitoes.


This is another great herb to grow. In addition to the plant pest control it provides, you can also use the mint you grow in the kitchen. Flavor your favorite dishes or drinks and enjoy them outside with fewer bugs around.

Go Beyond Plant Pest Control

These plants that prevent pests are great complements to a solid overall pest control plan. If you do notice pests or want to keep from seeing them, contact us today. Our treatments are safe and effective. Check out our FAQ for more info, or learn more about Preventative Pest Control here.