How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

How Often Do You Really Need Pest Control Services

For many home and business owners, to-do lists seem to never stop growing. Whether it’s taking out the laundry or attending work meetings, the checklist of tasks to accomplish somehow continues to get longer throughout the day. When it’s finally time to unwind, pest control probably isn’t the first thing taking up space in your mind. That is, until you catch a family of cockroaches enjoying your bathroom tub and a trail of ants leading to your pantry. It looks like your list of to-do’s just doubled in size!

Unfortunately, it’s the norm for pest control to be an afterthought for home and business owners. It usually works until an infestation occurs and you’re stuck with damaged property, expensive repairs, and a new load of stress affecting your well-being. While it’s tempting to wait on pest control services until absolutely necessary, spraying your property for bugs and preventing rodents is something that should be done often. Still not convinced? In this article, we’re going to share the specifics of how often pest control really needs to be done at your property and the top 3 benefits of regular pest control. 

man spraying for termites

How Often Should You Spray Your House for Bugs and Treat for Rodents?

Expert exterminators strongly recommend that homeowners and business owners pay more attention to unwanted visitors before they set foot on the premises. In the end, this saves extensive time and money. 

In terms of how often pest control should be done, it’s best to keep on top of pest activity throughout the year. To be specific, pest control is recommended every two or three months for a regular home or busy workplace. Preventive Pest Control encourages an ongoing pest control plan to be put into place so that you know you’re getting a specialized and long-term solution to your pest problems. With all this being said, pest control frequency is also dependent on several factors. 

A different approach is needed for each scenario. Elements such as the climate or building size should always be taken into account. For example, a four-story building will take time to examine and even longer to nullify any threat. That’s not to say the size of a building will determine the extent of a problem, but rather to emphasize how treatment will change from one property to the next. After all, a small basement or studio apartment can have just as many problems with pest infestations as a multi-story building.

Pest treatments also vary depending on the type of pest, and the risk of a pest infestation is something to consider. In the case of an infestation, a property needs a lot more attention, including monthly treatment for up to six months. 

Why Pest Control Should be Done Year-Round

Now that we’ve shared the recommended frequency of pest control, you may be wondering, “Do you really need pest control done so often?” Simply put, regular pest control every two to 3 months saves time, hassle, and money in the long run. If you stay on top of pest activity every few months, including the wintertime, it reduces the risk of infestation and any repairs or costs associated with negligence. 

While you might not currently see these unwanted visitors, bugs and rodents exist in every type of environment and are always searching for somewhere dry and warm to call home. Here are 3 reasons pest control should be done often. 

3 Reasons Regular Pest Control is Necessary

         1. Prevent Damage to Your Property and Impending Expenses

Pests are known to leave a trail of severe damage anywhere they go. With each type of pest, comes new varieties of destruction. Termites chew through walls and furniture, causing internal structures and couches or recliners to fall apart. Rodents form cracks and holes in the roof and eat through wires and pipes in the basement. When it comes to pests damaging properties, the list goes on and on. Spraying your house for bugs and investing in regular pest control prevents you from paying for the cost of water leaks, holes in the wall, and ruined furniture.

          2. Steer Clear of Sickness Caused by Roaming Pests

            The Zika virus, Lyme disease, and rabies are just a few illnesses that can be caused by the pests that make their way into your home. Although it’s hard to tell if a pest is carrying a fatal disease, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Protect your well-being and the health of those around you by preventing these critters from ever stepping foot on your property. Consistent pest control ensures rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, and other dangerous pests won’t be a threat anytime soon. 

           3. Put a Stop to Spoiled Food and Food Waste

              Businesses in the food industry often run into problems with rodents and cockroaches eating their popular dishes. In homes, ants are known to go after fresh food and quickly cause health concerns. Both business owners and homeowners are at risk of contaminated food if a pest problem is left unchecked. Not only that, but no one likes throwing out food and wasting money because of pest infestations. 


We recommend consistent pest control to be done so that you don’t have to worry about your customers finding a mouse scurrying across the floor or your family member discovering ants making a meal out of your favorite snack. 

Professional Pest Control in Southern California

After looking at the pros of getting pest control done every two to three months, do you need to find a reliable pest control company in your community? With offices all around Southern California, Preventive Pest Control is happy to help with expert pest control services. We run inspections, spray bugs, and eliminate rodents. We’ll make sure there’s a plan put in place to prevent potential future infestations. For over 20 years, we’ve exterminated pests that pose a threat to Orange County and Inland Empire residents. Contact us today to get started with professional pest control for your home or business.