The Importance of Pest Control in Fall & Winter

Along with blooming trees, greening grass, and warming weathers, spring and summer are notorious for bringing with them a swarm of bugs, insects, and other pesky critters. It’s also during this time of year that people tend to turn towards pest control services to help solve pest problems. What many people fail to realize, however, is that if they wish for their homes, businesses, and properties to be fully pest-free, than pest control treatments need to be regularly serviced year round, especially in the fall and winter months.

Why Pest Control in the Fall and Winter?

While pest control is key in spring and summer, programs that are discontinued in fall and winter months often open the doors of opportunity for insects, bugs, and critters to re-stake their claim in your home. However, with a year-round pest control program, you can rely on various treatment methods that take into account the various seasonal behavior of pests as well as the climate and weather patterns in your area. Pests like stink bugs, termites, beetles, flies, ants, and rodents instinctively seek out shelter as the weather cools and once infested inside your home, these critters can be frustratingly difficult to manage.

Without fall and winter pest control, you don’t just risk being faced with the headache, challenge, and cost of exterminating these pests, but you also face the risk of viruses and disease that are often in accompaniment. However, by continuing with a year-round pest control program throughout fall and winter, you stay ahead of infestations and keep your home and family free of the threats and nuisances presented by these nasty critters.

Year-Round Pest Control You Can Trust

At Preventive Pest Control of Southern California, our trained, experienced technicians know just what it takes to develop effective year-round pest control programs you can count on. With top-of-the-line treatment products and trusted methods, Preventive Pest Control is able to create and sustain a safeguard against the bugs, insects, and critters that threaten the integrity of your home.Contact us today to learn more about the year-round services we offer.