How to Look for Signs of Pests on a Commercial Property

Finding one or two pests on-site at your business is often a sign of a greater problem that’s been developing for days or even weeks without your awareness. Therefore, it’s essential to have a professional pest control service on the case immediately.

Because pest problems can often be difficult for people to identify and control, here are some tips and tricks for detecting an infestation. Read on for guidance in spotting pests on your commercial property.

Warning Signs

There are many different types of pests that can infest commercial properties, but the most common types are rodents, cockroaches, flies, ants and other bugs found in stored products (such as moths, weevils, and beetles). Each of these pests leaves a different trail, some easier to spot than others. However, there are some general things to look out for that can help you spot a case before it’s too late. Here are some common warning signs:

  • Smells: One of the first indicators of a pest infestation can be found by following your nose. Rodents may take food into the walls and crevices of your building, where it starts to decompose and stink. The animal may die in the wall and produce an unmissable stench as well.
  • Droppings: Pests like ants and cockroaches often are spotted by property owners in broad daylight, but other pests may come out only after dark. These pests can be detected by the droppings they leave behind on floors and counters. Look for small, circular droppings that may look like dirt.
  • Damaged wiring: Rodents are constantly chewing on anything and everything, including the electrical wires of your building. Frayed wires, leaking pipes and bite marks on low surfaces may be an indicator of a pest problem.
  • Infested food and containers: It’s often tricky to spot, but food with tiny webbing or odd brown pieces in it may, in fact, be the signs of pests like pantry moths and weevils. These creatures come onto your property from the food products you purchase and bring on site. They may bring with them an unpleasant odor or create sticky secretions on food like flour, cereal, and other grains.

Eliminating pests

Upon discovering these signs, it’s best to call a professional pest control company, even if you’re not entirely sure of the problem. A professional will know how serious the problem is and how to deal with it.

Once you’ve been through the hassle of dealing with pests at your commercial property, you’re probably ready to take preventive measures to avoid any issues in the future. Pest problems can cause huge distractions from your daily job, delaying productivity and even damaging your reputation.

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