Most Common Pests in Southern California

There are many benefits to living in the great Southern California climate. It’s warm, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. If we’re being honest, there are a couple downsides, though, and household pests are near the top of the list. We all have to deal with pests entering our homes and businesses, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

Here is a quick look at some of the most common pests in Southern California from the experts at Preventive Pest Control. Whether it comes to managing an outbreak or stopping them before they ever invade, we know our business—as you’ll discover below.


Let’s start with the one we all dread finding in our living space. Even though a lot of spiders you might find are relatively harmless, we still don’t like stumbling upon them. Plus, some of these SoCal pests like black widows have dangerous bites.


When you find ants, you tend to find a lot of them. You can do some things to deter ant problems, like keeping your floors clean of crumbs, but it doesn’t always work. Good pest control in Southern California also focuses on prevention, which can help keep ants away before they show up.


While most ants do not cause damage to your home, termites certainly do. When termites find their way into a structure, they must be dealt with immediately by professionals who know how to handle them.


These are also serious pests that need to be addressed by professionals. Roaches are resilient and hard to kill. They can also cause health issues, so if you see one, get on the phone with a good pest control expert right away.


These SoCal pests can be scary. Their sting is painful. If you see a wasp, there is a good chance that a nest is nearby that needs to be handled.


The bigger the pest, the more you want them gone. Rodents can be stubborn and can carry disease, so getting rid of them and keeping them away are key.

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