The Best Time of Year to Spray Your Home and Yard for Spiders, Ants, & Other Bugs

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Let’s be honest, pest control is rarely a priority for homeowners until something goes wrong. It’s true, and this often leads to pest infestations and more costly pest control treatments. It only takes one pest infestation to learn that you need to take preventive measures when it comes to pest control. Hopefully, that one infestation was at your neighbor’s house (the one who doesn’t pick up after their dog) and not your house.

Whether you have an infestation at your home or business, or are trying to prevent one, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to discuss:

  1. 1. Best time of year to spray for bugs
  2. 2. How often a pest control specialist should spray your house for bugs
  3. 3. Best time of day to spray your house or yard for bugs


When is the Best Time to Spray Your House for Bugs?

Most Often, Early Spring is the Best Time to Spray for Bugs.

While most pest control experts agree that any time of year is a good time to spray the house for bugs, early Spring can oftentimes be the most effective time to spray for bugs. But why is Spring the best time of year to spray for ants, spiders, and other bugs?

As the warmer months approach, many bugs, insects, and pests start to emerge after lying dormant for some time. This is a time when bugs are hungry, and your home is the perfect place for them to explore for food, leftovers, and even crumbs.

What’s more, it makes sense to tackle pest control during Spring as most spiders, ants, ticks, and mosquitoes are weak after a lazy winter. In fact, many of these pests die off during the cold months, which means that pest control can pick up where the winter left off!

By Spring, most pests haven’t had enough time to gather in large colonies or swarms and there are fewer bugs to eradicate than there would be later into the Summer. If you catch bugs at this time, you can keep them from becoming a real problem.

Keep in mind, however, that Spring tends to bring rain with it. Be cautious not to apply pesticides to your yard or the perimeter of your home or business if you know there is rain on the forecast. Not only can rain render pest control treatments less effective, but it can also wash insecticides to places we didn’t intend for them to be. It’s important to only address the pests, and not the critters we want to keep around.

Nevertheless, because ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and other pests are more prevalent around your home and yard in Spring than in Fall and Winter, but are weaker and less active than they are during the Summer, most pest control experts cite early Spring as the best time to spray the house for bugs. That being said, this depends entirely on your circumstances.

If you have a known pest infestation at any time of year, you should never wait to call in the pest control experts. Furthermore, if you cannot remember the last time you had a pest control inspection, the time is now. Better yet, if you truly want a pest-free home or business, you’ll need more frequent pest control services.

How Often Should A Pest Control Technician Spray Your House For Bugs?

The Experts Recommend At Least Quarterly Pest Control.

The truth is, regular inspections are always recommended and pest experts say that at least quarterly pest control is needed for most homes and commercial workplaces. Most pests reproduce at alarming rates, and any little critter around the home, yard, or workplace can quickly turn into an infestation. It’s best to proactively ensure that no single pest makes your home theirs. All it takes is two.

For some households or commercial buildings, monthly and bi-monthly pest control plans are a great idea. At those rates, no spiders, ants, mosquitoes, rodents, or any other pests stand a chance.

By now, you probably agree that frequent pest control services are a good idea and that, if you can only spray your house once a year, it should probably be in early Spring. Next, let’s go over what time of day is best to spray for bugs.

When is the Best Time of Day To Spray for Bugs?

It’s Best to Spray for Bugs in the Morning or Evening.

If you’re only spraying inside your home, any time of day should do. However, the bugs are entering your home from outside, so we recommend at least spraying the perimeter of your home or commercial building, if not the entire yard. In that case, it’s best to spray in the morning or evening when it’s not very hot, and when the wind is usually calm. 

The heat of the early afternoon can interfere with the effectiveness of some pesticides, and can occasionally cause damage to plants when mingled with certain chemicals. Moreover, just as with rain, wind can carry insecticides to places they shouldn’t be. Generally, mornings and evenings are calmer than midday, and offer a more conducive environment to effective pest control services. 

Final Thoughts

We recommend that you spray your home or business for pests frequently; ideally, on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. It’s best to schedule your pest control treatments for the morning or evening, whether you subscribe to a pest control plan or are only spraying your home once a year in early Spring.

Another consideration is that you may want to choose a time when life is a little less likely to get in the way.

Think about it:

Even when monthly or quarterly pest control is needed, the best time to get anything done at home is when everyone is out of the way. In other words, probably not during a school break, and ideally not over the Christmas holidays. That being said, how about now?If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in Orange County or the Inland Empire, or just want to make sure an infestation doesn’t happen, get in touch via the form below and we can get started right away!


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