4 Methods of Pest Control for Winter & Why They’re Necessary

If you’ve ever wondered whether winter pest control in Southern California is needed for your residence, think about this: just like people, pests like rodents, spiders, and cockroaches would rather be inside where it’s comfortable, even in Southern California. The only difference is that rather than curl up on the sofa, they’d rather hide inside your walls and other places they can’t be seen . . . at least during the day. Ewww.

We don’t know about you, but for us, that’s enough to make us feel a little less than cozy.

Nobody wants these undesirables lurking around, especially during the holidays. After all, you’re already dealing with the in-laws (we jest—mostly). If you want to keep your home free of unwanted critters this time of year, here are some relatively simple winter pest control tips you can utilize to protect your home. And if you hire a professional, you won’t have to add anything to your long to-do list.

Eliminate Entry Points

Just about every home has small foundation cracks that aren’t usually a structural problem but are great for letting in pests. Seal up these cracks to keep rodents and other crawling critters from finding a nice warm place to stay for the winter. Pay close attention to loose brick mortar, and the entry spots for pipes and other utility lines. Repair any cracks around doors and windows, and be sure your window screens are in good shape.

Believe it or not, a mouse only needs a hole the size of a dime to get in. And if you have one mouse, chances are mouse friends and family will soon join the party.

Get Rid of Piles for Winter Pest Control

Keep any piles of debris (like leaves and firewood) at least 20 feet from your house. Mice, rats, and insects will take refuge in these areas, and you don’t want those little punks anywhere near your home.

Any storage you keep outside, in your garage, or in a shed should be tidy so critters can’t hide there. Boxes are best stored above the floor, and try to use plastic bins rather than cardboard. The cleanliness rule applies especially to any areas where food is stored. Make sure lids are airtight and rodent-proof.

Watch for Moisture

Moist places like dripping pipes and clogged drains can draw in pests looking for water. Places like bathrooms and kitchens are also desirable, moist spots for cockroaches. Make sure you don’t have any leaky pipes, rain gutters clogged with leaves, or other areas where moisture can accumulate.

Up on the Housetop

You don’t want raccoons, rats, or even birds nesting in chimneys or other entry points. Have a professional inspect and install any missing or damaged screen vents to keep pests from making your home their home. You’ll also want to check any ventilation points in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

To be safe, it’s best to have a pest control professional inspect your property for all of these issues, and even apply a seasonal pest control spray. Contact Preventive Pest Control today to schedule a free estimate and to learn more about winter pest control in Southern California.