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Pest Control in Dana Point, CA

Don’t let our seaside city get overrun with pests. Preventive’s technicians protect Dana Point’s properties from harmful infestations and keep pests at bay.

Certified Pest Control Team in Dana Point, CA

Home to one of Southern California’s best harbors is the beach town of Dana Point, CA. Residents take pleasure in Dana Point’s ocean views, pristine beaches, and world-renowned golf courses. It’s not surprising to catch locals bicycling through the town’s various parks that overlook the Pacific Ocean or engaging in a dolphin and whale watching tour on the weekends. With a picturesque coastal lifestyle, Dana Point’s residents have little to complain about. Regrettably, there is one thing that puts a damper on Dana Point’s easygoing culture and that is the pests overtaking homes and commercial properties. The good news is that Preventive Pest Control is here to eliminate every ant, spider, wasp, rodent, and other critter that’s trying to disrupt our coastal city!

Whether you need a termite inspection or spider elimination, Preventive’s affordable pest control plans have got you covered. Our team will come to your property, analyze the problem, and put in place a long-term pest control solution. When you entrust your property to Preventive’s exterminators, we won’t disappoint you. We’re known for our timely communication, effective services, and long-term pest control results. At the end of the day, we want you to be able to relax in your space without the thought of a mouse running across the floor or a termite infestation ruining your property’s structure. Partner with Preventive Pest Control and let go of the pest-induced stress you’re carrying!

Preventive’s Mission Viejo office is a 14-mile commute north of Dana Point. For 20 years, we’ve helped Southern California residents safeguard their properties against costly pest damage. Contact Preventive to rid your space of every critter that threatens your property.

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Pest Control Services in Dana Point, CA

Preventive Pest Control’s team is ready and waiting to come to your property. Let’s make every Dana Point home and commercial business pest-free. Below are the types of pest control services we offer for Dana Point residents:

Spider Control

Ant Control

Rodent Control

Mosquito Extermination

small termite

Termite Inspection & Control

Wasp Control

Wasp Elimination

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