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Exhaustive Pest Control in Hacienda Heights, CA

It’s time to put an end to pest problems! Preventive Pest Control exterminates ants, spiders, rodents, and more from Hacienda Heights’ commercial businesses and residential homes.

Hacienda Heights’ Regional Pest Control Team

Hacienda Heights, CA is the essence of suburban living. Lush tree-lined streets, a low crime rate, an excellent school system, and a plethora of single-family homes make this community one of Orange County’s most charming cities. The active local community spends free time along nearby hiking trails and wildlife preserves. With Hacienda Heights’ tasty regional restaurants, neighborhood parks, and homey atmosphere, what else could you ask for? One thing residents never asked for are the ants, spiders, termites, rodents, and other pests that invade properties and interrupt daily schedules. Preventive Pest Control is here to make Hacienda Heights the neighborhood you asked for—an undisturbed residential escape.

Preventive’s Hacienda Heights exterminators get to the root of every pest problem. We seal entry points, eliminate difficult pests, and come back as often as you need for pest treatment. For 20 years, our technicians have used Temprid equipment to rid properties of ants, rodents, termites, spiders, wasps, and more. No pest infestation is too big for Preventive’s professional crew. We’re known for our communication skills, effective pest treatment, and affordable plans. Whatever pest problem you have, we’re ready to fix it. 

Preventive Pest Control’s Anaheim office is 22 miles southeast of Hacienda Heights, CA. What’s stopping you from having a pest-free property? Contact our crew to defend your home or commercial business from costly infestations and annoying pests.

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Pest Control Services in Hacienda Heights, CA

Have you tried DIY pest control methods, but they just won’t cut it? Preventive Pest Control is here to help. We’ll run an inspection, perform effective pest control services, and prevent further infestations. Below are the pest control services we offer for property owners in Hacienda Heights, CA:

small termite

Termite Inspection & Contro

Wasp Control

Wasp Elimination

Spider Control

Rodent Control

Ant Control

Mosquito Extermination

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