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Pest Control in Westminster, CA

Stop letting pesky visitors take up space on your property. Preventive’s technicians will prevent every ant, termite, spider, and more from getting cozy in your home or commercial business.

Exterminators in Westminster, CA

Westminster, CA is one of Orange County’s most ethnically diverse cities. Residents frequent Westminster’s world-renowned “Little Saigon” which offers high-end shopping, thriving local businesses, and an authentic Vietnamese experience with local festivals and Asian architecture. While locals embrace the diverse population and array of communal activities, the variety of pests that disturb Westminster’s neighborhoods and ruin commercial properties are unwelcome guests in this Southern California community. Preventive Pest Control is here to remove every bothersome critter that makes its way into our city and disrupts Westminster’s appealing atmosphere. 

We’re dedicated to making every Westminster property a pest-free zone. Our pest control technicians specialize in termite inspections, ant eradication, spider control, and more. For two decades, we’ve been named as one of Southern California’s choice extermination companies due to our attentive employees, extra preventive measures, and commitment to eliminating pests in every city we serve. Let Preventive Pest Control take charge of your pest problems while you enjoy all that Westminster has to offer. 

Preventive’s Anaheim office is only 15 miles northeast of Westminster. Get in touch with our licensed exterminators to protect your property from infestations and eliminate annoying critters.

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Pest Control Services in Westminster, CA

Do you think you have an infestation, but are not sure what signs to look out for? We’ve got you covered. Preventive’s exterminators will run a thorough inspection of your property, and we’ll make sure every pest is gone by the time we leave. We also take preventive steps to ensure those pesky creatures won’t come back. Take a look below at the pest control services we provide to Westminster property owners:

small termite

Termite Inspection & Control

Wasp Control

Wasp Elimination

Spider Control

Rodent Control

Ant Control

Mosquito Extermination

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