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Don’t let your home get infested with pests. We’re dedicated to providing affordable and effective pest control services to every Yorba Linda property owner.

Master Exterminators in Yorba Linda, CA

Ranked among the top places to live in the U.S. is Yorba Linda, a suburban city with rich history and a strong sense of close-knit community. Once settled down here, your schedule can easily be filled with the 100 miles of equestrian, walking, and hiking trails spread out around this Orange County gem. Unfortunately, the ants, termites, spiders, and other pests settling into your home can quickly interrupt your plans to de-stress with an evening stroll. 

Luckily, our team of experts has been in the pest control business for two decades, catering to pest problems all over Southern California. Our certified exterminators are passionate about clearing out properties, preventing pests from coming back, and forming long-term relationships with those we serve. Most importantly, your safety and satisfaction are what we strive for. 

Preventive Pest Control’s crew is located ten minutes from Yorba Linda in northeast Anaheim. With a specified pest control plan, your property can be a place to unwind instead of a stressful environment infested with pests. Contact us and we’ll send over the pros to rid your space of critters.

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Personalized Pest Control in Yorba Linda, CA

Every property we clean out is different, so we provide diverse services to match every individual’s needs. We personally inspect your property and treat your space as if it’s our own. If you’re needing an individualized pest control experience, take a look below at the various services we offer:

small termite

Termite Inspection & Control

Wasp Control

Wasp Removal

Spider Control

Rodent Control

Ant Control

Mosquito Control

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