Pest Control In Whittier California!

Whittier, California residents, we’re happy to offer our pest control services to you!

We have professionally trained technicians in your area, to get rid of all your mosquitoes, wasps, and ants. Check out what services we offer here! Or go ahead and contact us for a consultation! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for pest control near you, lucky for you we service many Southern California cities!


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Pest Control In Whitter

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Pest Control in Whittier California

By the time you spot one pest, it’s probably too late to prevent an infestation from spreading throughout your home; but, with the help of a pest control specialist, you can prevent even that single pest from entering your home in the first place.



Rodent Control in Whittier California

The presence of rats in your yard, particularly within your home, maybe both be unsettling and aggravating. Thankfully, you won’t be fighting this battle alone. Many people’s biggest dread is discovering evidence of mice or rats inside or near their homes. Rodents can cause damage to your home, consume your food, and spread disease. Please contact us right away if you need assistance with rodents.



Termite Control in Whittier California

There are two types of homes: those with termites and those that will be infested with termites. Termites sneak into homes undetected and can work for months or even years before their damage is noticed. If left unchecked, termite infestations can do unthinkable damage to your house or business. Preventive Pest can help with your termite prevention or extermination!



Ant Control in Whittier California

Ants are tiny, yet industrious insects, making quick work of leftover food in your home. Ants can also be very destructive to your home, causing damage as the colony moves in. The best way to handle this is to call us as soon as you see ants, or to call us to prevent them from entering in the first place!



Mosquito Control in Whittier California

Mosquitoes suck. Literally. Let us help you to minimize their impact on your enjoyment of the outdoors. These pests can also be carriers of very harmful diseases to your family and friends. Protect yourself today! We have lab tested, and approved methods of decreasing the mosquito population in your area!



Spider Control in Whittier California

Very few people enjoy the company of spiders and even less want to share a home with them. Instead of living in fear of running into an unwanted guest, call us to stop the chances of an infestation before it starts! We can also help if you’ve already seen spiders in your home! Contact us for a consultation based on your specific needs!



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Save $100 When You Sign Up Today


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