How To Use Peppermint Oil To Deter Mice

With so many supposed home remedies being hawked these days for pest control issues, it can be hard to determine which ones are effective and which ones are about as honest as snake oil. One such question you might ask regarding pest control in Corona, CA is, can peppermint oil deter mice? The answer is yes—if used properly.

Getting a High-Quality Product

The first thing to keep in mind is that peppermint oil’s effectiveness generally depends on the quality of the product. Feel free to use a home-brewed recipe, but be warned that homemade versions tend to be messier and require constant application. Store-bought brands, on the other hand, have professional standards applied to them, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

How to Apply Peppermint Oil

To use peppermint oil, soak cotton balls in the liquid and then place them around the house, as their odor drives mice away. Keep in mind that you’ll need to replace the cotton balls on a monthly basis and use fresh oil, so it’s good to stock up on plenty of peppermint oil. Alternatively, you can use a spray version to treat tight spaces.

To really deter mice with peppermint oil, you need to think strategically and place the substance at key points in the household, such as entry points into the home, spots where they have “marked” their territory, and places you want to keep off-limits. Since the peppermint oil’s odor is noxious to mice and covers up their pheromone scents, you can quickly stymie the infestation.

Only the First Step

Even with the wonders that peppermint oil does against mouse invasions, you should not rely solely on it to keep your house safe. Taking additional measures to repel the mice helps cover your bases and ensure that mice stay away even when the oil’s scent begins to die down. For instance, utilizing an ultrasonic repellent to complement the oil helps solidify the deterrent.

Furthermore, peppermint oil is most effective for preventative pest care. Once the mice have entrenched themselves, they might require additional incentive before they leave. Use traps or other methods focused on removing the rodents from the house and then use peppermint oil to discourage them from returning.

Pest Control Expertise

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