Should You DIY Pest Control or Hire Experts? Here’s Your Answer

There are times you can pull off exterminating your pesky pests on your own with store-bought traps or sprays and there are times when you definitely shouldn’t go the DIY route. Here are the signs that tell you when you can easily take care of the problem yourself and the signs that tell you when it is necessary to hire a pro pest control service to resolve the problem for you.

Signs You Can DIY Pest Control

It’s not always necessary to go the professional route. There are plenty of cases when a simple pesticide spray or insect/rodent trap is all you need to take care of a particular pest. You should consider doing your own pest control or extermination only if:

  • You have time to do your research on pest control products and the chemicals they contain. Many products, even those available at your local home improvement store, contain potentially dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to your kids, pets, plants, and home furnishings. You must know how to apply these treatments properly and safely before proceeding.
  • You only see one of a particular variety of pest that usually leads a solitary life. For example, if you only see one common house spider occasionally, you probably don’t have an infestation.
  • You have the courage and stomach for trapping, killing, and disposing of insects and rodents.

Signs You Should Hire a Professional Pest Control Service

There are certain times when your DIY efforts simply won’t cut it. Seriously consider hiring a pro for pest control or extermination if

  • You see even one cockroach, bed bug, carpenter ant, termite, or mouse. These critters reproduce quickly and by the time you see one, chances are you have an infestation behind your walls.
  • You see a poisonous pest such as a black widow spider or bark scorpion, or if you see deer mice. It’s better to take care of these potential dangers immediately rather than risk a painful bite or sting or breathing in the hantavirus which is spread through airborne particles from mice urine and droppings.
  • Your DIY efforts have failed or you live in an area that almost guarantees a return of certain local pests. A professional can take care of your problem quickly, once and for all, and many professionals offer warranties on their work.
  • You don’t have the time, experience, or desire to deal with any of the nasty business of spraying, trapping, killing, and disposing of insects and rodents.

Exterminating pests can be unpleasant but it needs to happen if you’re going to live in a clean, safe home. If you have any of the signs that you require pest control services in Yorba Linda, CA, contact Preventive Pest Control today!